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Upload your MSD data directly into Namco

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Upload fastq sequencing files

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Explore quality profiles of provided fastq files

Select one of the following two amplicon sequencing analysis pipelines to process the fastq files:

Primer trimming in DADA2 is position based, so you need to know the length of your used primers. It is also assumed that primer sequences are at the beginning (left) of each read. If primers are already removed from your reads, enter 0.

The quality profiles above can guide you to find more fitting cutoff values

Primer trimming in LotuS2 is sequence based, so you need to know the sequence of your used primers. The tool will search for this sequence in each read and remove it.

Lotus2 will build a phylogenetic tree by default. If you do not need it, simply insert -buildPhylo 0 in the text field above.

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