DIGGER Used Networks & Databases

File name Description Link
Joint PPI and DDI network Joint network graph that integrates PPIs and DDIs and in which nodes represent protein domains defined by concatenating Entrez and Pfam ID. The edges between the nodes represent DDIs which are defined if the domains are known to interact and if the respective proteins are also PPI partners (.GraphML). Download
Mapping of protein domains to exons Database table that maps transcripts and exons to their isoforms and Pfam domains. Download
Position-specific residue annotations of the PPI PPI network of the human proteome based on experimentally resolved structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). This database contains the position of the individual amino acid residues (~1.5 GB). Download
Position-specific residue PPI mapped to exons This table contains exons harbouring residues at interfaces of structurally resolved interactions. Download

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