Welcome to the Lipid Network Explorer!

LINEX is a webapp to analyze lipid metabolic networks. Lipidomics data can be uploaded and data-specific lipid networks are computed, which can give insights about functional lipid associations.

For more information about the LINEX method and applications, please check out the  publication.
Have a look at the  Tutorial and  disclaimer before uploading your own data.

LINEX can be used with example lipidomics data or your own lipidomcis data can be  uploaded.

Watch our short walk through of LINEX:


03.01.2023 - LINEX2 published

The latest version of LINEX has been published in Briefings in Bioinformatics. Please check out this much revised version of the previously published preprint, which not only improved the manuscript but also crucial features of the LINEX web service:
Rose and Köhler et al. Lipid network and moiety analysis for revealing enzymatic dysregulation and mechanistic alterations from lipidomics data. Briefings in Bioinformatics 2023, bbac572

08.11.2022 - Major LINEX2 update

After great feedback from users on the LINEX2 web service version 2.3 is now online. The update includes the following changes:

  • Various bug fixes for visualizations, downloads
  • More download options for results of the lipidome summary
  • Uninterrupted processing if molecular species could not be interred
  • More detailed explanations of all required and optional files in the  Tutorial

13.06.2022 - Updated LINEX2 preprint

We are happy to present an updated version of LINEX2 manuscript. Check it out here: Rose and Köhler et al. Lipid network and moiety analysis for revealing enzymatic dysregulation and mechanistic alterations from lipidomics data. bioRxiv 2022, 2022.02.04.479101

15.03.2022 - Bug fixes for Version 1

Thanks to user feedback we found bugs for LINEX1, that occurred during the transition to version 2. The errors are resolved and LINEX1 analyses should run smoothly again.

17.02.2022 - Updated Tutorial for LINEX version 2

We updated the tutorial to guide you through all the new features of LINEX. Check it out here: Tutorial.

08.02.2022 - New preprint online

Our preprint about all the new features of LINEX version 2 is online. We explain the motivation and functionality of our network enrichment and moiety/substructure analysis. Please read the manuscript before using LINEX 2.0:
Rose and Köhler et al. Lipid network and moiety analyses reveal enzymatic dysregulation and altered mechanisms from lipidomics. bioRxiv 2022, 2022.02.04.479101

04.02.2022 - LINEX Version 2.0

We are happy to announce the launch of LINEX Version 2.0. This new version is build on reactions from the Rhea and Reactome databases, thus simplifying many settings, and with a dedicated network enrichment algorithm to find hypotheses for mechanistic changes of enzymatic activity.
The paper will be available soon.

07.10.2021 - Standalone html node size bug fixed

We fixed a bug leading to nodes to be invisble in the standalone html when certain node size properties are selected.

29.09.2021 - ILS Conference material available

Material from our ILS Conference workshop is available here.

20.09.2021 - Statistical Test Options added

Based on user feedback we added additional options for statistical tests. You can now choose between (parametric) t-test, non-parametric unpaired tests and non-parametric paired tests.

02.09.2021 - New Tutorial Video

Checkout our new tutorial on youtube or on top of the page on using LINEX to get started with your analysis.

31.08.2021 - New Layout

We updated the LINEX layout to make working with LINEX even easier and more structured. Analyze your Lipidomics data now!

01.08.2021 - Workshop at ILS 2021

We will make a workshop about LINEX and our sample stratification tool MoSBi at the International Lipidomics Society annual conference on October 5th - 8th, 2021 in Regensburg, Germany. Get hands-on experience with LINEX and learn about new ways to analyze lipidomics data.

More details about the workshop here: ILS 2021 workshops

Register for the conference here: ILS 2021 Registration

28.07.2021 - LINEX publication online

We are happy to anounce that LINEX is published in Metabolites. Check out the publication here: Köhler and Rose et al. Investigating Global Lipidome Alterations with the Lipid Network Explorer

01.07.2021 - LINEX online

The Lipid Network Explorer web application is online! Our tool to provide a global view on the lipidome with lipid metabolic networks is now available to everyone. We hope to present the official publication to you soon. If you have any questions of feedback for us, please contact us!